Trick E. Nicky comes from an extensive backround of acting in movies, tv, and theatre. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Prince Georges County Maryland. As a kid he always knew what he wanted to be...an entertainer. From memorizing lines in movies, to put in on shows with his two brothers lip syncing Lionel Richie songs. Early on he had an appreciation for all types of music but funk, motown, hip hop and R&B were and still remain his favorites. Jumaane Face and Mackie have been friends of his since high school and they have been collaborating together filming skits and music. At 19, Nicky auditioned and signed with Linda Townsend Management. Attended multiple acting training workshops while staring in everything from feature films to theatre roles in Germany on miltary bases, where his daughter Maisy was born. Her future is his main focus. Nicky got involved in a project with Jumaane Face in 2011 to begin what you all know now as Area-301. Currently, Nicky and Area-301 are taking over the DMV and focusing on multiple future gigs and projects to take their sound globally and perform for huge crowds and introduce the Area-301 experience. If there is one thing you would say about Trick E. Nicky is that he is an entertainer.