J Mackie

This man's got it, that magnetic quality that draws all walks of life to his music. J Mackie's creativity and blessed lyrical talent enable his listeners to relate to his music through shared life experiences. Perhaps it's his "odds are against me" attitude that keeps the listener on the edge, astute and ready for more. His uniqueness is simply perpetuated by his smooth delivery and passion for the genre. Aside from performing, J Mackie thrives in his studio creating hot tracks, catchy hooks, directing, composing and essentially just making music. Born in 1973 J Mackie paid his dues in Prince George's County, from Brentwood, MD right off Rhode Island Avenue to the green grasses of Bowie suburbs in Maryland. The early influences of being less fortunate to the unforgiving streets provided J with the lessons he needed to engrave the mind with his craft. His drive and determination have led him back to his true passion. An eager artist, with eager fans, is soon to emerge. Without further delay, Area-301 introduces J Mackie and his lyrical genius to the world.

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